Click on the link to see a post about our Macarons. This blog, Stalking Beauty is worth following. Teri has an eye for design.

Clarity from Stalking Beauty

Hi Marie, I just wanted to let you know the soaps arrived today and they look good enough to eat! And they're not even the cupcake line :) The packaging and everything about them is so beautiful. I'll be re-ordering from you again soon. I love using (and giving as gifts) things that are artfully crafted & obviously made by someone who really cares about what they do & your work is like that. I love everything I got, thanks,

Nancy in Fl

Caroline, known as Glitter Tart on etsy, reviewed the soap she purchased. You can see what she had to say here. Thanks Caroline.

A note from Marie: If you visit Caroline's etsy shop, you'll see that she makes some very lovely items. Her glittery clothespin magnets are adorable, and her handmade cards are lovely. And did I mention the cocktail napkns? Go and see for yourself. You'll be delighted. Thanks again Caroline.


My soap order came yesterday and all the soaps were wonderful, as usual. My husband loves the flip flop soaps and I just love all your soaps. I'm giving the blackberry sage flip flop soap to my daughter and I know she will love it. Your soaps brighten up any day and make you feel like a princess.

Linda, Langhorne, PA

The soap is incredible!!!!!! The Nantucket Garden scent is fantastic. You are going to be top on the list for Christmas, birthday or anytime gifts. I was utterly amazed with my order, I can't compliment you enough! The soap was perfect, the packaging was beyond belief! Everything was so high end. I'm babbling!!!!!!! I've never been so pleased with an order and communication with you was wonderful. I got some of the button soap for my daughter and I know she'll be pleased as well.

Monica, IL

Monica, IL

This morning as I was baking my dad's birthday cake and making oatmeal cookies, I saw my mailman arrive and deliver my mail.
I received the bars of soap and may I say I was (am) quite impressed.
The packaging - the boxes are beautiful, bows 'n all, the actual bars of soap and your lovely note with the sunflower scented soap, wow!
I want to thank you so much.  You made my day.  Everything smells so pretty.  I love your work.

Tammy, New York

Dear Marie, I received my lovely package of moisturizing mist in my favorite scent, Champagne and Strawberries.  You have me completely sold! This is my absolute must have moisturizing product.  I will never be without this again!  A few quick sprays after my morning shower with the glycerin soap in the same fragrance has kept my skin smooth and soft throughout the winter. The lotion is lovely when I have more time, I like that before bed so it can do some heavy duty reconstruction while I sleep. Thank you for these products with such high quality ingredients which really perform as promised.



Pat, Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


I received my lotion today and the fragrance is out of this world. I just love it! And Marie's presentation and extra goodies makes you feel (and smell) like a queen. I will be back for sure. Thank you Marie. 

Lynn in Va.

Hey Marie, just wanted to say that bathing with your soap is like lathering
on pure lotion! It is wonderful!

Pat in Arkansas.

I really love your products.  I have given them as gifts to friends and relatives and they all rave about them. In the summer time, I spend too much time in the sun, and your products keep my skin from really drying out.  Thank you. 

Dennis from Mechanicsburg, PA and NYC!

My favorite is the SavonMarie Aloe soap in the Mandarine scent. It smells great and feels great. I liked it so much I had my Mom send it to me while I was away at college.

Alonzo Brown, New York, NY

I absolutely love Savon Marie products. I use them every day. The bath products help me relax, the moisturizers keep my skin soft and smooth, and the lotion sprays make me smell wonderful. My favorite fragrance is Lavender Fields. I have given soaps as gifts at my daughter's bridal shower and baby shower. Everyone loved the fragrances and the quality of the products. Thanks for all these exquisite products.

Dayle Smolak, Locust Point, NY

 I got my package yesterday.  And everything is awesome.  My roommate's son even complimented you on the soaps.

Darla, League City, TX

Thanks for my goodies! They smell wonderful and the sad part is I don't want to use them up. I just keep smelling them.

Kayleen, Kansas City

 I love the blackberry bathsoap.  It’s much gentler on my skin in the shower than what I had been using…and I don’t need as much lotion to counteract the effects of the dryness of that other soap on my skinThank you!

C. R., New York, NY

I received my package this afternoon and OMGoodness, when I opened the box, I thought I was in heaven. The soaps and body wash are fabulous. Thanks so much.

Lisa, Prince Frederick, MD

I just wanted to let you know I received the gorgeous soap bars. Oh my goodness...the luscious smell coming from the box before I even opened it was divine. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog give-away. I put the pretty rose soap in my downstairs powder room but the others I am using for!

Lynn in Virginia

I got my cupcakes today. OMG. I love them. Ohhhhh, they smell so darn good.

Roxie in VA

Your potions and lotions are wonderful. A woman who saw one of your foot soaps at someone's house wants to order a dozen.

Susan In NJ

I just received the lovely bath set and I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful it is. The scent is out of this world, and the lotion and lotion spray are fantastic. You have a quality product, and I definitely know where I will be doing some Christmas shopping

Colby in CA

Everything is just amazing. It was like Christmas. The fragrances are wonderful, the products are fun, and TOP quality...from the packaging to the product. It was an amazing experience.

Joyce Lucas, Make Mine Pink

I got my order, and I am so impressed. Everything is so beautiful. My Mom loves the soap. She said it is the best soap she has ever used.

Carrie, CA

My soaps were delivered a few days ago and I cannot tell you how excited I was when I opened the box and found the soaps to be not only exquisite, but so beautifully packaged!!! These are Christmas gifts; I don’t know if I will be able to wait three more months to pass them out! Probably the only thing stopping me is that I have them stashed in my bedroom and the fragrance is so wonderful! I have found a goldmine!!

Maggie CA