Fragrance Descriptions


A fragrance obsession is revealed.

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A Day at the Beach

Bobbi Brown's sunny summery mix of sand, sea, and suntan lotion. Unmistakable scent of a day at the beach.

A Girl's Best Friend

Our version of Chanel No. 5. the world's best-selling fragrance. Made with 130 ingredients. Top note of ylang ylang, rose petal and French jasmine with vetiver and sandalwood.


Light and delicate blend of lily, jasmine, and rose followed by citrus, violet, and pepper on a base of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk.

Apple Jack Peel

Our version of the classic Claire Burke blend of baked apple, orange peel, and cinnamon, clove and nutmeg finished with a touch of vanilla. Great fall and winter holiday fragrance.

Bahama Vanilla

Sparkling tropical fruit and melon blended with soft vanilla. Great summer fragrance for vanilla lovers.

Bambou de Luxe

A spa-like blend of lime and mint balanced with lavender and musk. Great unisex scent.

Banana Coconut

Yummy blend of banana and coconut. A fun scent for kids of all ages.


Classic winter holiday fragrance. Fir and balsam with undertones of nutmeg and ginger.

Beach Blanket Blonde

A bright and breezy blend of citrus and coconut with a touch of floral. Think Coconut Lime Verbena.

Berried in Cherries

Our own blend of luscious raspberries and sweet cherries with a touch of cream and sugar.

Black Amber and Lavender

A personal favorite, this is a deep sophisticated blend of rustic amber and Parisian lavender with touches of myrrh, vanilla, and musk. Clary sage adds earthiness.

Blackberry Amber

Juicy sumptuous blackberries blended with raspberries, jasmine, caramel, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk.

Blackberry Jam

Ripe tart blackberries with just the right amount of vanilla and sugar.

Blackberry Martini

Cool and sophisticated blend of gin martini fragrance with sweet luscious blackberries.

Blackberry Sage

The sweetness of blackberries paired with calming herbal sage. A customer favorite.

Blue Note

This fragrance is for both men and women. Sensual creamy vanilla and amber mingle with oakmoss, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. Not at all sweet, but clean, fresh, and addictive.


Smells just fresh picked juicy sweet blueberries.



Delicious blend of caramel, mandarin, and sweet juicy peach finished with a light touch of white florals

Bulgarian White Rose

Clean and vibrant, less sweet than our Baby Roses scent and less intense than out Damascus Rose scent. Just a lovely fresh rose fragrance.

Can Can

Mandarine, apple, jasmine, violet, lily, fern berry musk, amber and vanilla all blend beautifully in this fragrance based on Paris Hilton's perfume. Very romantic with a sweet touch. One of our best sellers!

Cappuccino Brulee

Fresh coffee and sweet cream brulee. Very popular with our coffee drinkers. Also a perfect kitchen soap. Coffee removes kitchen odors from hands. Great after working with onions, garlic, or fish.

C'est La Vie

Refreshing, crisp fragrance classified in the Oriental category of fragrances. It's a blend of fruity florals with amber, musk, and woods. Based on the now-discontinued fragrance created by Christian La Croix.

Chai Tea

Warm, cozy and spicy blend of tea, vanilla soymilk and spices.

Chamomile Bergamot

Based on a Garden Botanika blend, this is a relaxing citrusy scent. Chamomile and bergamot are enhanced with tangerine, pettigrain, sage, geranium and moss.

Champagne Pear

Fresh juicy pear blended with sparkling champagne.

Chocolate Amber

Begins with chocolate honey and warm amber and vanilla. Finishes with a touch of jasmine sandalwood, and patchouli.


Our wonderful citrus blend of orange, lemon, lime and berries. Smells just like lemon candy.

Cool Water

Our version of the classic men's fragrance created by Davidoff. It's a rich masculine sea blend.

Couture du Jour

A lush mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, and caramel creme brulee with woods and patchouli. Our version of Juicy Couture.

Cream & Sugar

Just sweet Buttercream and warm sugar. One of our cupcake fragrances.


Tangy lemon and jasmine, muguet lily, rose petals and African violet with cedar wood, patchouli, and musk all blend to create the scent of fresh daisies. Inspired by Marc Jacobs' Daisy.

Dancin' in the Rain

Lively spring flowers and fresh greens kissed with rain. Wonderful Spring scent. Reminds us of rain-kissed daffodils.

Dark Rich Chocolate

Rich creamy chocolate with touches of cocoa and mocha. Used in our Chocolate Cream Cupcake.

Drama Queen

Our version of Aria by Culti.  Intense, complex, and enduring, it seemed a perfect match. Citrusy top notes lead to floral blend of rose, lily of the valley and end with cedar, moss and sandalwood.

Elementary My Dear

Our version of the Scentsy fragrance, My Dear Watson. Sophisticated, smart blend of begamot, mint, cedar & suede.

Elements of Bamboo

Harmonious blend of bamboo and cedar intertwined with lemon, tangerine, and ginger. Exotic, cooling, and refreshing.

Fall Foliage

Like Autumn in a bottle. Green fig and orange blend with floral notes and finish with rose du bois, musk, and oakmoss.

First Rain

Sparkling and fresh like the first rain of Spring.


French Vanilla Sugar

Our own blend of warm vanilla, sweet sugar, cotton candy, caramel, raspberry, and musk.


Fresh & Clean

Fresher than a Spring breeze blowing across a mountain meadow. The fresh floral, bright citrus scent blends with musk and soft woods for a delightful fragrances.


Classic and sensual. Smells just like the flower.

Gin Martini

Cool, crisp, sophisticated. Juniper berry, Siberian fir needle, ginger and vermouth. Smells just like a martini. Used as a base for our martini soaps.


Our version of Philosophy's Amazing Grace and our tribute to Grace Kelly. A sparkling-fresh floral and white musk blend, it's clean and sexy. Modern, yet feminine. It starts with citrus, peach and berries which lead to floral with cedarwood and white musk.

Green Irish Tweed

One of our fragrances for men, this blend of Dublin ivy, verbena, woody elements finishes with sandalwood and musk. Our version of the House of Creed's Tweed fragrance created for Cary Grant.


Our version of the designer fragrance, Happy. It's a blend of citrus, rose musk, lilac A very refreshing flowery fragrance.

Happy Birthday Vanilla Cupcake

Cream fraiche, lemon, butter, honey, buttercream, vanilla and powdered sugar. Smells just like a birthday cake. Used in our cupcakes.

Herbal Fresh

Classic green and crisp fragrance. No fruits or berries, just clean and green. Unisex fragrance.

Honey Vanilla Love

Warm honey meets sweet vanilla. Love at first scent.


Sweet and fresh, just like a field of honeysuckle on a breezy Spring afternoon.

Honeysuckle Rose

This is a surprisingly delightful blend. A mix of honeysuckle and rose that is not too sweet. It's fresh and clean.


Smells just like the flower.

I Believe in Pink

A fruity floral, sweet, youthful, and sexy. Like Audrey, it has everything. Our version of the Creed fragrance created for Audrey Hepburn. Called Spring Flowers, it starts with peaches, melon and apple, then it moves on to roses and jasmine and finishes with musk and ambergris.

In Love

A very delicate feminine fragrance. Blends honey, chocolate, hazelnuts, and vanilla with fresh fruits,melon, sandalwood and musk. Inspired by Thierry Mugler's Angel, but not an exact duplication.

Indian Summer

Strong top notes of strawberries and green apples and pears; middle notes of geranium and basil; bottom notes of oak and fresh greenery. Very complex.

Island Lullaby

This clean soft feminine fragrance is a delicate powdery floral.Finished with touches of greens, woods, and white musk.


A charming blend of jasmine, white lilies and violets with notes of lavender, pineapple, fresh apple and melon.


A favorite holiday fragrance. It's a blend of mulberry, cranberry, orange and vanilla.

Kyoto Cherry Blossom

Our verion of the delightful Body Shop fragrance. Floral elements blend with Hinoki wood for a SCENTsation.


An Oriental, floral, amber blend, Mademoiselle is a sensual deep fragrance. It opens with green notes and orange blossom leading to a heady floral blend of rose and vetiver. It finishes with sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, amber, and tonka bean.

Mediterranean Fig

Fresh figs blended with peaches, passion fruit, coconut milk, vanilla, and touches of caramel and maple sugar.

Nantucket Garden

Intense, warm, spicy Oriental and green notes with touches of amber and vanilla. If you like Nantucket Briar, this is for you.


Our version of Kenneth Cole Black. This fragrance is modern, assertive, and feminine. Black violet and white hyacinth mix with citrus, tuberose, magnolia and lotus.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Mellow, soothing with just a hint of sweetness. Freshly made oatmeal with warm milk and sugar topped with a few drops of honey.

Ocean Rain

Salty sea water with a kiss of kelp mixed with the scent of rain. Great unisex fragrance.

OoH La La!

Vaniila, sugar and almond. Think Creme Brulee wit a touch of almond

Orchid Goddess

Exotic, lush and captivating mix of orchids, tropical flowers, citrus, and white musk.


Smells just like a freshly picked ripe juicy peach.

Pear Glace

Sweet juicy pear softened with melon and cucumber.


Pear, apple, peach, raspberry and melon blended with lily of the valley, jasmine and musk. A modern classic.

Peppercorn Lime

Freshly cracked peppercorns blend with sweet citrusy lime to make a memorable fragrance. An unexpected SCENTsation with a deep inviting quality.

Petite Prisienne

Feminine and fruity floral with musky pear, peach, rose, freshly cut grass, and vanilla Inspired by the Annick Goutal fragrance.

Pink Champagne

Smells just like bubbly sweet pink champagne with a hint of luscious raspberry.

Pink Sugar

Lemon drops, cotton candy, berries, caramel,vanilla and musk all come together in a sugary confection.

Platinum Blonde

This fun and flirty fragrance. It's a very sassy mix of berries, peaches and flowers.


Our version of Giorgio Armani's best-selling men's fragrance, Acqua di Gio. Rosemary, jasmine, ocean breezes blend with cedarwood and patchouli.


Pretty Poison

This luxurious mix of Oriental floral, amber, honey, white flowers, and berries is our version of Poison by Dior.

Provence Lace

Beautifully feminine softness in a mix of amber musk and sweet earthy notes.

Rain Orchid

Fresh and delicate, like the scent of orchids in the rain.

Raspberry Sorbet.

Raspberries with a touch of peach and fresh vanilla combine ins this delightful fragrance. You'll want sorbet after one whiff.

 Rose Petals

Lovely soft sweet scent of baby sweetheart roses.


Zesty, vibrant, and citrusy, this mix of  tangerine, orange, musk, peach, oakmoss, and tropical fruits is part of our Asian Collection.

So Lovely

An elegant and understated combination of mandarine, lavender orchid, musk and cedar. Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely scent.

Silver Lining

Our version of the haunting blend of sandalwood, patchouli, citrus, melon and peach created by the House of Chopard. Called Casmir, it is an Oriental blend and it is unforgettable.


Everyone is under your spell in this blend of passion flower and gardenia with lemon-lime, lily and sandalwood. It finishes with vanilla, patchouli, and musk. Modern, mysterious, and sexy, it's our version of Hypnose.

Soapy Clean

One of our unisex fragrances. Smells fresh and clean. Reminds us of fresh laundry after blowing in the breeze on a clothes line.


A fusion of innocence and seduction. Starts with tropical floral notes that lead to jasmine, tuberose and heliotrope. Finishes with forest foliage, moss, and musk. Inspired by Child.

Strawberry Passion

Rich ripe strawberries blend with cotton candy and French vanilla. One of our Patisserie fragrances.


Warm sunny summer days! Vanilla, musk, tree moss and ultra clean marine mix with a bit of amber to bring you the scent of summer.



Sweet Innocence

Delicate and clean, this makes a lovely baby fragrance. Lavender, jasmine, musk and rose blend with touches of woods and vanilla.

Sweet Rain

Spring rain in a flower garden.

Tangerine Mimosa

Juicy sweet tangerine balanced with sweet delicate mimosa and a hint of champagne.


Pomegranate, strawberries raspberries with a subtle hint of mint and fresh vanilla. This is one of our most popular holiday fragrances. We are thinking of changing its name to Glitter so we can use it all year. It's light, lovely, and fresh.

Too Hot to Handle

Cool down with this fresh tropical blend of pineapple, coconut, and mango. It's like a tropical vacation.

Vanilla Champagne

One of our most popular fragrances. Fizzy citrus, lime, sweet vanilla, green florals and a few earthy accents add up to Vanilla Champagne.

Vanilla Lace and Pearls

A lovely blend of French and African vanillas with sweet flowers and musk.

Water Blossom Ivy

A lush blend of white flowers and waterfalls, this soft dreamy scent.

White Tea & Ginger

A warm and tender blend of White Tea and Ginger.


If you a fan of the the original Juicy Couture fragrance, Vixen is for you. A delicious blend of passionfruit, watermelon, tuberose and vanilla creme brulee.

Watermelon Candy

Smells just like watermelon candy. Great summer fragrance.

White Butterfly

Vanilla and amber with fruits and florals. Very light and delicate.

Winter Garden

Refreshing and clean mix of lime, menthol, Douglas fir and lavender followed with eucalyptus and pine. One of our winter fragrances.

Zen Garden

Lemon, bergamot, cardamom and melon with jasmine, raspberry, violet, tea rose, and amber. A very lovely fragrance from our Asian Inspired Collection..