Fragrance Categories
Our Standard Scents Fruit & Food Seasonal Designer Scents We Use
Black Amber & lavender Almond Bayberry Acqua di Gio
Blackberry Sage Apricot Christmas Tree Amazing Grace
Can Can Blackberry Frosted Sniowdrops Aria
French Vanilla Sugar Blackberry Amber Fresh Snow Beach
In Love Blackberry Jam Christmas Memories Shalimar
Mademoiselle Berried in Cherries Holiday Candy Bleu de Chanel
Mandarine Peppercorn Lime Holly Berry Casmir
Ooh la La! Cherry Jingleberry C'est La Vie
Pear Glace Orange Tinsel Chanel No. 5
Petite Cherie Deep Dark Chocolate Love Blossoms Baby Grace
Provence Lace Honey Vanilla Love Fall Foliage Cool Water
Riviera Lemon Chiffon Winter Garden Daisy
Raspberries & Champagne Lemon Sugar   Child
  Mango Men Fracas
Floral Tropical Vacation l'homme moderne Happy
Gardenia Peach Portofino Juicy Couture
Honeysuckle Pearberry Green Tweed Lemon Sugar
Honeysuckle Rose Raspberry Sorbet Cool Water Light Blue
Jasmine Strawberry Passion   Love Spell
Lilac   Asian Inspired Lovely
Lily of the Valley Beverages Chai "Tea Miss Dior Cherie
Orchid Tangerine Mimosa Jade Moonlight Path
Hydrangea Cappuccino Brulee Satsuma Moonlight Sparkle
Rose Chai Tea Zen Garden Nantucket Briar
  Champagne White Butterfly Notorious
Unisex Ginger Apple-tini Bambou de Luxe Petite Cherie
Bambou de Luxe Limoncello Yuzu Pink Sugar
Blue Note Martinis gin and fruit   Poison
Day at the Beach    Blackberry   Safari
Riviera    Lavender   Sunflowers
Soapy Clean    Mandarine   Trouble
Peppercorn Lime    Pear   Tweed

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