Savon Marie

Our signature soaps & fragrances for women and men.

   Products and fragrances inspired by everything we love about France,

particularly the South of France.




 Glamour Girl Soap

These products have a different look. They have a little bit of attitude as

well a some additives. You'll find products made with honey, aloe,

buttermilk, oatmeal and other skin-loving ingredients.

They're like comfort food for your skin.



  Hearts and Flowers

Always a favorite!  Hearts and Floral shapes with coordinating fragrances.



Patisserie Cafe

 Here are some of our most popular soaps.

Cupcakes, gateaux, petit fours!  Ooh la la!




Romance and Whimsy

Who doesn't love a little romance? or whimsy?

Many of these items are our personal favorites and best sellers, too.

Click Romance for our popular Bouquet, Perfume Bottle,  and Sun and Moon soaps.

Click Whimsy  to find Marie's Shoes, our Button Bar and our corset.





  Seasonal Soaps and Specialty Soaps

Here is where you'll find our

specialty formulas like Honey Lemon Hand Soap, 

  Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap, Tendermint Foot Soap,

Shell Soaps with aloe or oatmeal,

and our popular seasonal favorites.


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Ballerinas and Cameos

There is nothing quite like the timeless beauty of cameos.

Our selection ranges from Victorian to modern.




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Gift Sets & Guest Soaps

We have a lovely selection of gift sets that are appropriate for any ocasion.

We've also got a sampler of our signature soaps at a great low price.




Poodles & Frogs & Chicks. Oh my!

Our newest category. Pampered Pets and playful friends.

Our miniature egg soaps, too.






Zen Garden

This collection is inspired by the

harmony, balance, and love of beauty found in many Asian cultures.